Window Oval – Snap Lock

Unit: 1 piece
Weight: 1.71 kg
Material frame: Polystyrene, black

Sight dimensions (b x h): 651 x 251 mm
Cutting dimensions (b x h): 695 x 298 mm. radius R70

U = 2,7 W/m²K

Description: Window consists of 2 frames. Outer frame: glued 2x
2mm PMMA glazed, provided with butyl seal for max 0.5
mm unevenness. Greater unevenness (ie panel with
dents) will need additional sealant. Inside frame: open
and provided with snap lock connection. For more
information: ask for our customer drawing. Complies to

Application: Residential / Industrial

Alternative: 85101

Pieces per box:8
Pieces per pallet:192
Window Oval – Snap Lock