Spring Plug M-152

Unit: Set (4 pieces:2 x Stationary (L+R) + 2 Winding plug (L+R))
Weight: 1.38 kg / set
Material: Aluminium
Thread: Not universal, left hand and right hand thread, max 11,1mm
Mark: Black = Left, Red = Right

Description: Set spring plugs; 12015-WL + 12015-WR + 12015-SL + 12015-SR. Centre distance of mounting holes, S-plug, (M10 2x)136mm. The winding plug has two 3/8" set screws for fixing to the shaft. Stationaryplug has a 50.8 mm hole for bearing placement. Max. torque: 192 Nm. Suitable for 1 inch (25.4mm) shaft. Max torque bolts 20Nm.

Application: Industrial garage doors

Alternative: 120050 (1")

Pieces per box:48
Pieces per pallet:864
Spring Plug M-152