Hardware Box REN/SRR (H<2375 W<3000)

Hardware box for REN70/SRR70 system: 

Basic hardware box for door width <3000mm and height <2375mm.
Max. 5 panel door.

Contents of the box: 

1x   110013  Cable Drum M102-2400 SL (pair)
1x   24619  Rear bracket (pair)
2x   24805  Installation bracket
1x   25051  Bottom corner bracket (pair)
1x   25003  Adjustable top roller (pair)
1x   25110-6  Assembled cable
6x   25630  Spacers H=5mm
4x   25631  Spacers H=7,5mm
12x  25632  Spacers H=10mm
2x   24801  Connection bracket
2x   13024  Bearing bracket
1x   25650-L  Spring break device
1x   25650-R  Spring break device
2x   25270  Steel cable pulley
48x  14022  Lock nut M8
8x   14023  Cylinder head bolt M8x17
40x  14024  Cylinder head bolt M8x10,5