Hardware box EXS40R White

Hardware box EXS40R White

Contents of the box: 115946 (pfd)

1x 25051-R9016: Bottom bracket (pr)
1x 25003-R9016: Top roller carrier (pr)
20x 14020-R9016: Self tapping fastner
1x 115020: Pullybracket (pr)
2x 115025: Cable connection bracket
2x 115027: Spring connection strip
2x 115028: Spring connection adaptor
2x 115029: Return pulley
2x 115034: Pulley cover bracket
2x 115035: Cover for pulley
2x 115038: Cable compensator device
10x 250003: Roller
2x 150001: Distance clip
4x 150003: Plastic spacer
10x 150106: Tapping screw ISO 7049 ST 4,2x9,5
2x 150108: Hexagon head bolt DIN 933 M8x40
28x 14022: Lock nut M8
18x 14023: Cylinder head bolt M8x17
8x 14024: Cylinder head bolt M8x10,5

Pieces per box:2
Pieces per pallet:40