New Products - May 2015

We would like to inform you that we are introducing new products and making a number of changes to keep our current products competitive and relevant. Here is an overview of our latest developments:

Fixing plate 235322

This new installation plate makes it easier to assemble roller holders to double side hinges. With the ability to break it up into two pieces it is suitable for all DOCO single and double side hinges.

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Bearing plate 235217

We have designed a new bearing plate, made from zinc plated steel, which has a pressed bearing for 1,25 inch shafts. Because of the special design it is also applicable for High Lift and Full Vertical doors. The bearing plate has a hole pattern which makes it possible to directly mount chain hoist 25025. With the use of bracket 130010 direct mounting of various operators is also possible.

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Torx screws 150113-116

Our assortment of fasteners has been expanded with the coming of a new series of Torx screws. These self-tapping screws are available in two lengths (16 and 25 mm) and two finishes (Galvanized and RAL 9016). 

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