New Industrial System: Low Level

Low Level

DOCO International completes its product range with the new Low Level industrial system, 
available in
 a High Lift and Vertical Lift version.

This CE certified system is suitable for doors up to 350 kgs 
with a maximum width of 6500 mm

The height of the High Lift version goes up to 6000 mm 
and the Vertical Lift version has a maximum height of 5600 mm

Here is an overview of our new products related to the Low Level system:

 Article no.  Description
 240005  Spring bumper bracket
 220100-5000  Beam 80x40x2, 5000 mm
 220100-6000  Beam 80x40x2, 6000 mm
 220100-7000  Beam 80x40x2, 7000 mm
 220101-6000  Beam 100x80x3, 6000 mm
 220102-7000  Beam 140x80x3, 7000 mm
 250699  Cable guide duplex roller
 230125  Duplex hinge
 235309  Triangle plate, left
 235310  Triangle plate, right
 235015-079  Bracket for beam, 79 mm
 235015-099  Bracket for beam, 99 mm
 235015-139  Bracket for beam, 139 mm
 235312  Punched angle 58x50x5

If you would like to receive samples of one or more of these products, 
please contact a DOCO Sales Manager in your region.

Here you can download the installation manual and promotional flyer of the Low Level system:

Manual Low Level

Flyer Low Level

 Installation Manual - Low Level
(PDF 3,3 MB)
Flyer - Low Level
(PDF 727 KB)